Friday, August 22, 2008

Rain, Rain go away! Come again another day!

Oh my! I believe that we are all over this weather. Tropical storm Fay certainly has brought some chaos and havoc in all of our lives. Jeff and I lost power a few times, and had our share of wet pants...but nothing too substantial. We hope all of you are the same!

Nothing new has taken place. Work, work and more work. That has been the story of our lives. Although, there has not been anything exciting, I still feel as though we are busier than ever. I have been working late almost everynight, and Jeff has picked up all the off duty he can handle. We know that even though it doesn't seem like it now... one day this will all pay off.

I have been into cooking lately, but healthy organic meals only. I made Carob Chip Banana Bread Tuesday (i was off due to the storm). It was amazing. If you want the recipe let me know, it's a great sweet treat that is actually healthy!

Jeff and Dad have a fishing tourney on September 20th. Last year they didn't catch 1 fish-- this year we're gonna pray they do better! Of course we head over to the beach for a 3 day weekend and that is always fun! Mom and I relax in the sun and the guys fish. Who can ask for more? I can't wait to go, considering the last time we had a real relaxing time at the beach was in St. Lucia for our honeymoon.

I also wanted to let you know that slowly but surely we are getting our Thank You cards out. They have taken a lot more work than we ever knew... and we greatly apologize for not having them sooner.

We hope you all are safe and doing well. We hope you enjoy keeping up with us on our blog. I wish we had more exciting stories to tell, but right now we are just normal newlyweds living our love song.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Summer is here

Spring has sprung, and Summers' begun! Things in the Backhaus household are hectic as always! Married life has been wonderful. It is so much fun to live with my best friend. We really bring out the best in each other and am so thankful to have such a happy marriage. We are currently working on saving money, but it has been hard. We truly want to experience life together and it's hard to do all of those fun things and save money. Thank goodness Jeff is the "financial one" in our relationship! He is working hard to keep everything on track so that we can reach our goals!
We have a guest in our house for the summer. Her name is Roxy-- she is my brothers' Border Collie. She is precious! She is so well behaved and has really given Dakota (our black lab) something to do.
We FINALLY got in some of our wedding pictures! We are still waiting for the album, hopefully it comes soon! We designed our thank you cards (they are adorable.) and hopefully will be getting them out this weekend!
We still are not used to Jeff's new schedule. It changes every week, which I hate. I am such a "planner" and can not stand not knowing what each week holds! However, he still loves his job, and for that we are blessed! I am so proud of him and all that he has accomplished. This unit he is currently on does a lot of dangerous operations and even though it's terrifying, I can't help but praise him and his career!
Things in my job are going well. I just recently was promoted to a Trial Clerk III. That is the highest level you can get in my position. It came with a nice raise as well... so I am not complaining! I am also the coordinator for United Way this year. I have had a lot of fun planning it, and the kick off is this week, which makes me a very busy girl! I am currently working with my old boss at Planet Smoothie, Atom, to have a smoothie in the Central Florida stores that will raise money for United Way. We are still thinking of a name, either Orange Slice or United Way Utopia. The flavor is Strawberry, Banana, and Orange Sherbert, YUM! Atom has been generous enough to donate a portion of each of that smoothie sold to Orange County Clerk's United Way! Keep checking your local Planet Smoothie-- and give it a try!
I am still having issues with PCOS, but it is something I am trying hard to not effect my life. For the most part it doesn't, but every few months it seems to create some sort of havoc in our world.
So as you can see there hasn't been much exciting news to share-- same old, same old. We are very excited it is summer time. We love to spend our Saturdays riding bikes on the trails, jet skiing or hitting the beach! Hopefully, this summer will allow us time for those indulgences!

Keep checking in to see all the exciting adventures that summer brings to your favorite newlyweds!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

All things green and black have finally subsided.  We loved our wedding and still talk about how amazing it was on a daily basis.  We are still waiting for our professional photos to come back... hopefully we will get those next week.  St. Lucia was amazing.  Although it's been about three weeks, we are itching to go back.  We will post some pics as soon as we figure out how!  
Jeff has started his new job at the Patrol Tac Unit. He loves it!  The schedule is still something for us to get a custom to, but the joy he gets from his new squad is worth it.
Things at the courthouse are good I'm sure, however I have a battle with PCOS again and it has kept me out of work for a little over a week.  But we finally got the medicines regulated and everything should return to normal here soon.

Keep up with your favorite newlyweds through our new blog!! We will update this with all the latest and greatest!  

Have a great week!

Jeff and Whit